The victim Viper for BAE Systems

In mid 2008 we were contracted by Bob Sanchez of BAE Systems and Two Bobs Aviation Graphics asked us to create a motion control model of the F-16 Victim viper. Masterpiece Models was tasked to make an F-16 that was fully articulated with both pitch, yaw, moving control surfaces, afterburner petals, landing gear, speed brakes and tail hook including lights and sound. Please see the video below the sound does not do justice to the actual model. This video is also before paint.


The model is 1/6th scale and that make the F-16 8' long and all of this including the stand
had to fit into reusable travel crates.
BAE Systems will use this model for trade show purposes promoting their upgrade of older
block 15 aircraft into target drones.

At the time of these pictures marking have not yet been added

This image shows the LED's that glow proportionate to the engine throttle

Special thanks to BAE Systems
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